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Statistical mechanics

It is an undergraduate course. The main reference of the course is the book "An introduction to Thermal Physics" written by Daniel V. Schroeder. The chapters 5 and 6 and some parts of chapter 7 will be presented. This excellent book presents the key concepts of thermodynamics and statistical mechanics very fluently.


The main prerequisite for this course is Thermodynamics. But since some quantum mechanical concepts are used in this course, the students are highly encouraged to pass the Modern physics course before enrolling in the statistical mechanics course.

Grading Policy: 

Homework:    about 15%

Midterm:         about 40%

Final exam:    about 45%


Winter, 2014:

Lectures: Sunday and Tuesdays (15:00-16:30)

Midterm exam: May 8, 2014 (9:00)

Final exam: Jun. 15, 2014 (8:30)

Fall Semester, 2012:

Lectures: Sunday and Tuesdays (8:00-9:30)

Midterm exam: Nov. 21, 2012 (9:00)

Final exam: Jan. 7, 2013 (8:30)

Winter 2013